Taiwanese In U.S. Advised To Be Vigilant Amid Violent Protests

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday urged Taiwanese Taxpayers from the United States to take precautions after devoting a”red” awake for traveling in that country due to violent protests triggered by the passing of an African person.

MOFA has issued a code red traveling alert to the U.S. Sunday later; Protests erupted through an arrest in over 30 cities after African American George Floyd’s passing on May 25.

“Rallies and protests have taken place in cities across the USA, such as Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Some protests led to violence, prompting the localities to implement curfews,” MOFA stated in its travel advisory.

The ministry urged the nationals Who intend to go to be cautious and take? Precautions to make sure their security.

A code red alert, the greatest at the four-tier travel grid of MOFA, Advises citizens to prevent traveling or into Leave if they’re already there.

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