Boris Johnson Will Not Face Criminal Investigation Over Jennifer Arcuri

The prime minister has denied any wrongdoing.

“Such vexatious claims of impropriety in the workplace were false and unfounded.”

The spokesman added that it was”not a policing matter, and we believe this was a waste of police time.”

Close affiliation

The inspection”established there Was a close affiliation between Mr. Johnson and Ms. Arcuri and also there might have been a romantic relationship,” the watchdog said.

It stated That when Mr. Johnson was within a romantic relationship with Ms. Arcuri, then”it might have been advisable for him to have announced this because of conflict of interest.”

‘No impropriety.’

However, the GLA’s Code of behavior at the time supposed he was under no duty to do so, the watchdog states, and it urges the code to tighten up.

Len Duvall of the Labour Group on the London Assembly and seat of the GLA’s oversight committee, stated: “The IOPC was looking especially if he committed a criminal offense.

That is not our remit, and their Choice Does not have any bearing on the evaluation, which will concentrate on his behavior as Mayor of London.

‘Point scoring.’

However, the Conservative MP for Orpington in South London, Gareth Bacon, said: “Labour politicians at City Hall have wasted police time with malicious ailments.

They want to squander taxpayers’ cash with much more petty and partisan point-scoring.

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