Rumor: Fortnite Season 6 Could Be Adding Dinosaurs

Rumor: Fortnite Season 6 Could Be Adding Dinosaurs

Rumor: Fortnite Season 6 Could Be Adding Dinosaurs

Rumor: Fortnite Season 6 Could Be Adding Dinosaurs

The appearance of dinosaurs in Season 6 seems like a likely possibility given the primal theme and the animals that are already wandering around the map. A teaser leading up to Season 6’s premier also hinted at the possible arrival of dinosaurs with an image that looked like a dinosaur eye. The brief teaser trailer also included the line, “hunt or tame wildlife to not only live off the land but to gather materials for crafting. And though wolves may roam, the most fearsome predators have yet to hatch.” It is hard to imagine what that quote could refer to besides Dinosaurs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 officially kicked off today, sending players back in a time to a primal setting untouched by modern technology and ruled by wild animals. Animals such as boars, wolves, and chickens now roam the map, and there is evidence to suggest that bigger, more ferocious creatures could return from the distant past as the season progresses.

Season 6 concludes the Zero Crisis Finale with a unique experience. Unlike past major events in Fortnite, where players had to log on at a specific time to experience a world-changing scenario together, Season 6’s opening can only be played solo at any time a player wishes. Upon completing the mission, players are greeted with a map transformed by time and where wild animals roam free. The changes are a part of Season 6’s primal-themed direction, and the newly-introduced wild animals are one of the season’s main features.

New evidence discovered in Fortnite Season 6’s files suggests that Dinosaurs may soon appear on the map. The information, which was dug up by dataminers shortly after the new season began, includes an image of what appears to be a dinosaur egg and the word “Dino” in the files. User FortTory was one of the many fans on Twitter who shared screenshots of the images they datamined.

If Dinosaurs will soon arrive on the Fortnite island, it begs to ask how they will change gameplay and in what ways players will be able to utilize them. Players can to hunt or tame the wolves and boars that are already on the island, hinting that they will likely be able to do the same when the dinosaurs appear. It also seems possible that players may get to mount and ride the dinos, though there is no hard evidence that supports this.

While Dinosaurs seem confirmed, players still probably have at least a couple of weeks before the scaly beasts show up. In the meantime, they can explore Fortnite‘s new primal map and or learn how to craft primal weapons.

Rumor: Fortnite Season 6 Could Be Adding Dinosaurs
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