Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation
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Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation

Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation

Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation

Riot Games was in the headlines again as a fresh report of sexual harassment puts the CEO Nicolo Laurent from the hot seat. Adhering to the 2018 scandal where sexist civilization ran rampant at the Los Angeles-based video game business, the information was taken seriously by critics and Riot Games itself.

The allegations of sexual harassment asserted Nicolo Laurent made improper remarks and sexual advances in the prosecution identified as Sharon O’Donnell. O’Donnell has been Laurents executive assistant for three decades, from 2017 to 2020. O’Donnell said she denied the sexual advances of the CEO and proceeded into Riot Games’ HR, which did nothing to assist the girl, who was subsequently terminated. Riot Games denied all allegations, and Nicolo Laurent himself said he was receptive to examination to assist the investigation.

Currently, Riot Games has announced that it has conducted a comprehensive investigation following the lawsuit against Nicolo Laurent and found nothing that could”warrant a sanction” from the CEO. A special committee was formed to run the CEO’s investigation, which” was not taken lightly.” The committee easily confessed the energy dynamic between assistants and executives could also contribute to toxic behaviors and biases. The committee further noted that”deciding such allegations can be challenging.” Regardless of the stated problem, the committee reports that it has not discovered anything of virtue.

This is not the determined end of this situation, but neither lawfully nor Riot Games is worried. The committee said that if new information is to return to light, it might ask Riot to”reopen the analysis without any hesitation and bias.” The asserts that Laurent tried to possess O’Donnell traveling with him and operate out of Laurent’s home, together with other sexual improvements, it could be hard to find evidence of believing that it was verbal instead of electronic-based.

Laurent has been loyal in both denying that the accusations and demonstrating transparency into the committee. Laurent countries on Riot Games’ site that”allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation” are false. He shuts his announcement by claiming that nothing” liberally close” to the alleged behavior occurred. Riot Games has a vested interest in maintaining itself free of continuing controversies, now seen with Alienware.

Alienware had its own branding eliminated out of Riot Games’ League of Legends esports while the businesses continue talks about a partnership that’s supposed to continue until 2022. With much more controversies coming towards Riot Games, nevertheless, Alienware is worried about its own image. Further damage could last to be inserted by the allegations, past laws; Riot Games has several spouses, even following the 2018 scandal that rocked the business. Having a keen desire to steer clear of controversy, some signs of sexual advances in the CEO of Riot Games would probably alter this message’s opinion in the committee.

Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation
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