Horror Game SOMA Has Sold an Impressive Number of Copies

Horror Game SOMA Has Sold an Impressive Number of Copies

Horror Game SOMA Has Sold an Impressive Number of Copies

Horror Game SOMA Has Sold an Impressive Number of Copies

Frictional Games has attracted nightmares to life because of its founding in 2006. For example, the founders of numerous horror-laden names, such as SOMA and Frictional Games, are independent studiosd in Sweden. The studio is well known and cherished because of its capacity to strike fear into people who perform with its names.

The studio especially doubted itself following the commercial launch and achievement of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They enlisted the assistance of development studio The Chinese Room to create Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, which fought to attain the identical amount of abject terror from the first name. Since Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs fought seriously, Frictional Games put back itself into the driver’s chair for SOMA and Amnesia: Rebirth.

Now, Frictional Games declared that SOMA has formally sold a million copies exclusively on PC, not adding revenue on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The studio accredits the tail of its own names, inferring into the shelf-life of Frictional Games titles lasting well beyond ordinary. SOMA was initially published in 2015, diving gamers to the Atlantic Ocean’s depths at a derelict science boat. Machines have started to think they are people, food is rare, and threat threatens at every dark corner of the center.

Nevertheless, this name’s terror is only a surface-level offering of this name that Frictional Games provides up. Past the degree of terror, SOMA retains a story that encourages players to know precisely what life and understanding are. The plot delivers the oft-forgotten” why” of a terror title, motivating players to plumb beyond anything dread lies ahead to go through the remainder of the title. This is a thought quickly forgotten in several terror encounters, in which continuation revolves around supplying more scares, using a tepid story offering little over the”how” of a narrative.

The crafting of narratives is something that Frictional Games has always completed with gusto in theAmnesia franchise’s in-house maturatione to SOMA, which’s anticipated to continue in the studio. Regardless of SOMA reaching one million earnings on PC alone, the latest Amnesia: Rebirth is not profitable for the studio. The latest name from Frictional Games sold 100,000 copies in the first five weeks. Nonetheless, the immersive terror experience will probably have a very long tail.

Frictional Games closes the statement by saying that two extra titles are beneath works in the studio. When it’s a brand new IP completely, or a coming of the favorite SOMA, horror lovers have lots to look forward to later on.


Horror Game SOMA Has Sold an Impressive Number of Copies
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