Bandai Namco Speaks Out Against Asian-American Harassment in US

Bandai Namco Speaks Out Against Asian-American Harassment in US

Bandai Namco Speaks Out Against Asian-American Harassment in US

Bandai Namco Speaks Out Against Asian-American Harassment in the US

Video game developer and writer Bandai Namco are openly speaking out from the anti-Asian racism spiking across America. The Japan-based firm released an official announcement about its position concerning the continuing issue that morning.

The US has witnessed an increase in hateful rhetoric and behavior towards Asian-Americans in the aftermath of this COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide web has circulated several stories within the last year concerning the mistreatment of Asian US taxpayers, with many thinking the misdirected anger originates from the coronavirus coming in Wuhan, China. The racism that has allegedly seen a recent explosion has induced many to openly raise their voice in opposition, such as Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings celebrity Simu Liu’s Legend.

Thorough at a post on Twitter, the Bandai Namco US handle talks about how the Anti-Asian despise has”really hit home” for the own employees. The tweet maintains that the provider is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity whilst condemning”all acts of violence, violence, discrimination, and xenophobia.”

The article says it stands together with all the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community and motivates other people to speak out from the racism-fueled aggression and hate crimes. Bandai Namco also includes links to several tools to people seeking to put a halt to the hatred in the shape of educational content, petitions, coping tools, and much more.

Bandai Namco is not the sole gaming-centric business to openly speak out against the offender; Twitch is taking a stand against Anti-Asian address and hate crimes. The streaming giant created a public announcement of its own monthly, teaming with Act to Change, Asian Mental Health Collective, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Stop AAPI Hate, and other organizations in a collaborative attempt to finish hateful content onto its own platform. The move comes in reaction to now-former Seattle Mariners CEO Kevin Mather, that spewed xenophobic, hateful remarks towards Asians and other expert baseball players of color.

Though the rash of hate is surely unacceptable, Asians are producing revolutionary strides in the realm of Hollywood. Along with Nomadland manager Chloe Zhao functions as the first Asian woman to become Golden Globe-nominated for the Best Manager, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has also announced the possibility of a southeast Asian superhero at the MCU. With movies like the MCU’s Shang-Chi and the newly released Disney movie Raya and The Last Dragon, it seems the calls for more diversity and inclusion from the live-action entertainment world are now being heard.

Video games are attempting to include Asian personalities also. When it is not verified until at the Square Enix Presents digital display March 18, Life is Strange 3 is rumored to comprise an Asian-American girl using mind-reading powers as the primary protagonist. With how intertwined Asia is using the gambling business, it is surely a fantastic indication to see more varied representation that Bandai Namco is advocating is gradually but surely becoming commonplace.

Bandai Namco Speaks Out Against Asian-American Harassment in US
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